Wednesday, 3 September 2014

You paint yourself (Barcelona)

                                                                    El Conde Lucanor

They say the first quarter of your life defines who you are and sometimes... what is to come. In that case I am a PRINCE!   =D
     I was blessed with the most wonderful child om... as i recall, free of worries and full of plenty (I know, it is a habit of the mind to forget trouble... and I am good with that!).

    I believe one of the most important things you can have in your youth is friends. I like to sum up my friends from those days into three groups:

                                          ST.Peter´s... Kensington... LLoret de Mar

according to the school I attended... or the group I had where I spent my summers (here depicted by Edi cause I had no real group picture... or then the girls were topless and I would have had to ask permission =D              All wonderful people, all helping to build up my character and self esteem.

Aside from that,
           I had travel...


My first (and only) Platonic love...

A Hero...

A yearly visit to Finland...


and a Soul mate...
                                          Ricardo Bofill

I believe every stage of our lives has someone special... like a mentor, a guide... someone that inspires you and takes you to a new level. With Ricardo I feel we were like twins (I remember speaking to his mother once, when he was over for a weekend, with her believing all the time it was her son on the line  =)
    From him I, through him, with him I got my love for movies, writing diaries, Classical music (Albinoni comes to my mind first)... and tons of adventure. I like to think he was, in a way... my "Bohemian Rhapsody".

         Because of him I made my first inter rail trip (to Greece) - without parents

                                                       sketching ruins

               And thanx to him I ended up in my first movie =D 

                                                             A convict... in "Escape"

Prince... or convict? What did I become?
                 Guess we all are a bit of both.
                  Life has a way of taking you along, molding, creating, shaping and re-shaping. Sometimes you follow your path willingly... others less so... but I tend to believe that everything happens for a reason and ... in the end... when you get to see the big picture...

                                                               YOU UNDERSTAND.

     By my early 16´s I was happy and confident (in the way teens are) of what I wanted and what I was after. <3

                 Little did I know what was coming....



  1. I love your story. Please keep on writing and posting.
    By the way; I can tell who is who on the St.Peter's pic, but I'm unable to spot me. Is it a crop of a larger photo?

  2. =D =D =D thanx... now that I know somebody is reading my stories I will continue... promise ;) Don´t believe the pic is a crop... wonder why I decided to keep you out =D will check if I find you in another from that time. Big kisz <3