Saturday, 6 September 2014

I started carving

I started carving by chance...
                  and need...
                        and through a white LIE =D

It was the fourth of my "Soul MENTORS" (Claudio Contento) who forced me to it - and at the time I was very upset with him (as we usually are, when forced to change!). I had been living on his land, through his grace and support, for four years - when he decided he did not want me there no more.

                                         My hut

I had been living a VERY bohemian life, ... enjoying every day (and night) as it came...
                     trusting life would take care of me (it actually always has =)

                                                    And now, after 4 years of sun, moon
                                                                          and fun
                        I was suddenly facing a serious problem... nowhere to stay... nowhere to go.

So I did what I thought was best at the time... went to a local bar for a beer and good food - thinking probably I better get ready for the ordeal to come =D.

    At the time... I was living in a little fisherman village by the sea... I had become the local "crazy" (but loved) artist... and so my artwork was all over the place - also the restaurant I was sitting at. So it happened I overheard whilst sipping my beer a man talking to the owner... he was praising the quality of the paintings and their vitality... and asking where to find the hand responsible the brushwork. "Harry" (the owner)... pointed at my table and sent him over. He introduced himself as Mr. Lineu Borges de Macedo, architect from Curitiba, and sat himself down at my table. He said he was amazed to find such a talent lost in a little fisherman village in the middle of nowhere... and wondered weather I would care to take him to my ateljé to show him some more of my work.

    This we did... and as he contemplated my paintings... in my rustic hut... he told me had been looking for years for somebody to carve the main door to his house... he wondered if I could do this.
I said ... YES! - as flicker of light started shining on my prospects for the future =D

                                                  "Have you ever carved before?" he asked...

The truth be told... I had never done it before in my life... in fact... I did not even know what a chisel looked like!          I saw the light getting weaker and decided it was time to use a WHITE lie ( I have always been very much supportive of speaking only the truth, but my Mum had explained to me that sometimes, if it is for the good of all, there is such a thing as a white lie to be used!).

                               "OH yes... we had a LOT of carving in my art school!!!!" I answered.

Sometimes Life brings you unsuspected turns... and if you are awake, and ready... you don´t miss them. My little white lie was the key opening doors for my future... a place to stay, a place to eat and sleep... and also a new way to express myself. (You will get to know more about my trip to Curitiba when the time comes in my essays on "you paint yourself")... needless to say I did carve his door and thus started a whole new episode in my life =D

                                                                           I have never
                                                                      been good
                                                                            with TIME.
But I roughly estimate this happened in the early 90´s.

    It was not until 6 years later, in a different country... a totally different setting... that I found my new Spiritual Mentor (5th one on the line I have been blessed with) =D. It happened in Ostrobothnia, Finland... once again, in a little village lost in the middle of nowhere. Oiva Kentta took me as apprentice - despite my lack of carpentry know-how... trusting he would be able to teach me how to use a chisel in the same way I used my pen.

 I believe he did this quite successfully, despite the goal not having been achieved yet - but this I know to be something now purely depending only on me!

...I started carving again.
     Last Friday, after a break of probably one year... I decided it was time to get carving again. Funny how this time, as compared to my first experience in Curitiba, I was a bit afraid. With close to 20 years of experience behind my back, hours and hours of practice... weeks and weeks of teaching... I was wavering  =O.      I guess that is one of the things age does to us.
 Another one is, that this time I had to use glasses! =D

     When reflecting on the things I did in my adventures of youth, it is no wonder sense tells me now to be a bit more careful. But,through my art practice of everyday... I have learnt it is utterly important to embrace the thought of "come on, we are just playing!!!! what is there to loose!? =D  LIFE IS FUN.
       So... I started.

My piece is going to be about the joy of creating.

                                         Thus... I grab my chisel
                                         and think:
                                                     "MAY the 4th be with me!!!!!! <3 <3 <3



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