Monday, 15 September 2014

You paint yourself - Finland 2 ... my name is shirt.

                                                             Times had changed... school

                         and I tried to appear as if life was normal. Cool, easy going exterior as i entered my class and found myself a place. I had turned into a shirt... a clean good brand shirt that covered my frightened, lonely and bewildered self. I had no name.

    IT did not take long before I noticed that everybody already had their group, their own niche... friends they related to since they were 5. Mine were probably at the beach, many thousands of kilometres away. I pondered on things I had talked about with my pals before leaving Barcelona.... "hey, cheer up... they said... it will be fine... they say Finland is full of beautiful blue eyed blonde's... and they go naked into the sauna with the guys!!!!!then there are orgies where...."
   Some of the things I would find out never happened - at least to me... maybe they were part of history... might have been something that happened sometime... and then became overblown out of proportion as one mouth whispered it into another ear... i don´t know... I guess it is how mythology is born. I DO know, that as I reflected on my somber future looking at everybody happy in the settled niches... I suddenly saw walking into the classroom, a bit late and very gaily... my "brand new ihanuus" - though at the time I would probably not have described her using these exact words... since I spoke no Finish! =)
   A true beautiful blue eyed blond angel! Maria was her name... Needles to say, she became the focus of my attention for the whole of that day, and many more to come.

                                                                 Colourful from the
                                                                 instant I saw her waltz into my life

maria brightened every morning my spirit as I jumped on my bike headed for school. And she did this even though the days got colder, and colder... and darker... till i was pedalling in the middle of the night on icy roads. Winter had come... my first one... but I had my northern star!

   With the coming of spring, one fine afternoon, someone knocked at the door... I was in my room and my mother came to tell me it was for me. ME???????? In a state of total shock I went to see who might be asking for me...

                                         We came to see would you care to go out for a bike
                                          ride with us! ????????+ häh???? This can´t be happening....

But it was! My winter days were over! I had finally found my friends! - or, I guess I would have to say... they had found me.

Kimmen was to become my second soul mentor. With him we did everything and anything...but mostly we partied. "Bat out of Hell"(meatloaf) and "Go your own way"(fleetwood mac) being our battle songs, later to be followed by Springsteen and my first Nordic singer / song writer Björn Skifs.
I have come to find out with time and travel that once you start liking the music a country has to offer... and understanding its jokes... you are on the way to becoming a little part of their culture, you are settling down =D

                                                    As i look into what I had become I
                                                    truly thank God and kimmen for a

much needed Bat out of hell in my life =D
    Some things change, others tend to stay basically the same.
                                         Things I kept from my time in Spain, as I
                                          rocked through high school, were keeping a journal,

drawing and football. AH! and movies.
 Entries in my diary show I was quite critical of myself in most aspects   =O

                                         A Christmas card from my artistically gifted bro shows
                                        his version of what was happening to me. Can´t say if
                                        he meant artistically or vitally... or simply both  =D

However it may be, long gone were the times of gray...
    I had integrated to the Nordic world...
                                      keeping some of my Latin origins (I suddenly started to appreciate Julio Iglesias =)
       and was now part of a winning team!

                        Thus moving from being just another new brand shirt without a name...
                                                     to JOHN SHIRT!  =D =D =D

                                         Officially declared a gentleman...

                                               despite what my TOM BROWN thought!  =D =D =D

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