Friday, 12 September 2014

lets not forget... we are alive

                                                   We go from dark... to light
                                                                        and viceversa.

In painting but as well in life. Without the dark´s, the lights can´t shine. Its a process... and once you come to understand it... you will not panic when the dark is at its darkest...
                or when the light shines so bright you have to squint.

                                                        Life looks a bit like this to me

                                                        with echelons you arrive to
                                                            climbing... through hard work,
through CHANGE.

   Every plateau is a resting place, time to recover from the hardships... time to enjoy. Sometimes you stay on the plateu longer... sometimes the climb to the next one is shorter.What is important is that we should learn to enjoy and not forget... its a wonder we are alive... its a gift. That is why, at home, in my studio... I have written all over the place things like "live your life like it matters" and "it is a beautiful day"....
                              To remind me =D

 It is my belief that for every plateau you find a mentor... someone special to help you develop your soul and be ready for the next climb - which usually finds you unprepared ( consciously) and unwilling.

                                         Echelons and mentors... 3 of mine mentioned so far
                                         Ricardo Bofill    Rudy Ibarra    Claudio Contento   

I read a book about three levels we must take care of, all with the same value, all crucial for a healthy soul. The physical, the mental and the spiritual.
   Upon reading this one of the interpretations I created for myself was that taken from the point of view of our mind... it could be broken down to doing, thinking (logic) and relying on intuition.

My soul brother Rudy used to say that when you are lost, broken down, feeling helpless... concentrate on the basics. Like for instance walking. A simple thing you know you can do... a simple thing that gets you going. Years ago after getting my heart got shattered I took up his advice and went to Chile... with the sole purpose of walking it from one end to the other (I believe the country has a coastline of close to 4000km). At some point I bought a car... but the healing had already started. This would be the DOING. In eastern philosophy I guess you would call it focusing on the moment. Logic and Intuition are put aside in a way... or then they are working together simply by the fact that you are not concentrating on anyone of them particularly.

                                          a fav sketch of mine, Suvi walking the dog in
                                          winter with Inda inside... it simply makes me
                                           H  A  P  P  Y  > and glad to be alive!

Thinking, LOGIC... is fundamental but also a bit dangerous... there is the saying that simple minds have an easier life, and I agree with that. Of course we can argue that do we really want a life that is so easy? The reason I find thinking dangerous is that it is based on interpretation that we assume to be THE TRUTH. And, it is also VERY concentrated on the EGO - ME. We revolve things in our head, turning them, spinning them into a story, and then we go on to believe in them =D It is very difficult for a thinking being to keep an open mind and be tolerant - at least in my experience.

                                                     A mother thinking about everything
                                                     her child has ahead.

Intuition, gut feeling, the heart. You KNOW what to do before you start thinking.My advice, for anyone that wants to be creative... would be to HAVE FUN! I think... and have noticed... that painting and LIFe are very much the same... in many a way. The most important being that if you set out to create a masterpiece, if you take the process too seriously... you don´t get anywhere. When you are having fun you are not afraid of mistakes, you rely on savouring the moment... you simply are alive. The joy inside you is transmitted to your whereabouts, to your piece... to everyone around you... and they want to participate, they feel a need to join. Laughter creates Laughter. =D

                                              "A new trip... sailing over ostrobothnia"
                                              INDA, Suvi and me

Three planes, a bunch of philosophy...
       when all it takes,
              is to lie down, enjoy the sun... and listen to Joshua Radin singing

                                      B E A U T I F U L L   D A Y  <3

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