Thursday, 25 September 2014

the climb

I like listening to music...
      sometimes it is the rhythm that takes me...
           then there are the lyrics...
One particular song I love is "the climb" by Miley Cyrus.

Its not about whats on the other side,
                                                                  its the climb.

                                                    Our minds have a very strong tendency
                                                     to always believe the grass is greener
                                                      on the other side.

I can never stress enough to my pupils the importance of enjoying the ride.
 They tend to start the project with a vision (if and when I am lucky). This is important. To have a goal.
However, I truly believe that in art, as in life... I would have to agree with Miley: you will reach your goal if you really desire it... but it is crucial to make the most of the trip that leads to it. To be patient. To be open to all that happens on the way.

       We tend however... to focus so much on arriving... and what comes next... that we miss the joys of the path, and of life.

An art piece, as well as a life, is... for me, the sum of many a joyful moment... because in the end - fortunately,we tend to forget the rough and tough... and keep the sparkling vivid. So... when the Reaper comes knocking on our door... all we will have left to take with us... is a bag full of experiences and moments of love and joy.

   I love the notion of an Art piece being the balanced sum of many parts... like a continent, like for instance Europe. Each country with its own flavour and spice... each one with its traditions and culture. Very independent... yet all part of the whole. This is the way I see the artwork... a puzzle put together in different sessions... each one containing a fraction of the artists life at that given moment... each one containing the artists vision of that day and moment... his experience... slowly woven together to fit the whole... the original idea. There will be bright and shiny pieces, other dim and dull, sharp and bold efforts when a strong statement has been made,,, soft and mild ones when poetically easing around.
             Each part contributing to the beauty of the neighbour, and thus to the whole.

                                                  what makes me want to touch this bench
                                                  is the life printed on its surface, not its
                                                   original design,.

 There is something truly beautiful about a child at play, something to learn from.

                                         the original idea is watering... but as life offers wonderful
                                         events, the child enjoys
                                                   carrying the watering can
                                        obviously planning to use it, at some point or another...
                                        yet missing nothing along "the climb" =D

Curiosity, no second guessing yourself and a play full attitude.

                                         The keys that ignite experience and discovery.

                                         "Dulcinea"... that's what we named her.
                                          Somewhere in the middle of the desert of Atacama,

in the north of Chile, a police officer stopped us. We knew we could not have been driving too fast, cause her top speed was 75km / h. So we asked what the problem was. The officer explained the naked girl on the back of the car was a risk in traffic - people might loose focus on driving! We looked around and could only see sand. Claudio asked him if he did not think it would be a pity to paint over her... and the officer agreed. So we agreed a bikini would do just fine, and proceeded with our journey.

Years later I would find myself in a similar situation, this time in Europe.

                                         This at a subcontracting fair in Tampere.

Its funny where women have taken me! As a young starting artist my father told me I might want to reconsider "what" I was painting. He had accepted the fact I would not become a diplomat or an economist... but wanted me to have a minimal chance of succeeding. " Painting naked women is not gonna take you anywhere!" (as opposed to landscapes, sailing ships or horses).
Well, I said... I am gonna paint them till they take me.

                                         A goal,
                                          a target
                                         ... and many adventures along the climb.

                                         My women gave me a profession as a teacher.
                                         One I have truly loved.

Together with many a colourful experience that make for the vibrant parts of what is my "LIFE".
Which is why, at the end of the day... I can´t help but stressing the importance of the climb, and the fact of never forgetting that

                                                "the beauty of the whole resides in the vitality
                                                                        of the parts
                                                   - and how these relate to each other!"


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