Saturday, 30 August 2014


When I paint I listen to music....
                  some songs fade into nothingness when I really get going... they are not there anymore... there is silence...   I AM NOT AFRAID OF SILENCE.
    I like to be there. The faded music, however... touches my soul and gives the rhythm to my brush. I like to start my pieces with faster, happier rhythms... and as I progress and the story starts unfolding... when things start to get a bit more complicated... I like slower melodies.
    At some point the music comes again alive... I hear the words... oddly enough... usually the sung words are just right for my piece... either giving me a title... or what I should focus on. This happened today... with Dar Williams, "As cool as I am".

.... "I am not afraid of women"... she sings to a happy live guitar play.
                              I used to be.
Maybe because I took them too seriously, as I did with all things in life =D
Mostly because I took myself too seriously.

                                        Life is really NOT so serious. It can be, if you make it. 
                                      like in the carving above (my mother missing my father)

Life can be black and white, linear and sharp... or warm and curvy... all depending on how we take it.
I recall a story I read about this guy who upset the gods... they decided to punish him, and gave him the task of pushing an immense rock up a hill, then letting it roll down the other side. This... forever. It was a hard task, made a lot harder by the fact the guy was upset about being punished... and only focused on the pain and weight the rock was giving him.
    Until one day, for some or no reason, he suddenly decided to embrace the fact that "the ROCK" was his thing! =D He started figuring out way of rolling it to ease his plight, and noticing the wonders around him as the rock rolled down the other side. It became a game, he learnt to play. he had fun. everything else was the same. It did not take long for the gods to realise the punishment had done its job.

We spend our lives looking out from the window, dreaming someday everything will get easier, happier and smooth as silk; We stare and stare... and the landscape outside the window never changes. Unless, of course,,, at some point we understand that "The rock is our thing".

When I was in Brazil, a friend of mine one day came up to me and said: i have found us a fantastic job!!!!! We have been hired to paint ( with your artwork)the facade of a surfing shop... and then a creperie beside it, inside walls too.

I had never painted anything bigger than 1,5m x 1m... and for the past three months only been sketching. A shiver ran down my spine as I said to him: you have promised WHAT? "I can´t do that?"
    He smiled, and said... miguel, you are THE artist! of course you can!

                                 His name was Contento .... Claudio Contento ( meaning joy full)
He taught me to play.
   He taught me not to take myself too seriously.

                              NOW I can really say, I AM NOT AFRAID OF WOMEN!  <3 <3 <3


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  1. And you make the same!
    You taught to play and to not take things too much seriously.
    Especially women.