Thursday, 2 October 2014

on LOVE 2 - playfull joy

                                          with Napoleon on me =D

I have heard it said... that people when hearing they are going to die... oftentimes live what is left to live,with a sense of relief. They suddenly get things into perspective... re-evaluate their lives and what is important. It becomes clear to them that everyday is a gift that has to be valued and enjoyed.
 The strange thing is,
                                  we are all going to die...
we just seem to think it will be far away in the future, or then we don´t like to think about it at all.

                                         Picasso's dancing girl becomes the joy of life

   When I was in hospital with Pancreatitis I visited the threshold of afterlife a couple of times. I recall reading an article (while recovering) about the 5 things people who are gonna die believe are the most important in our lives. Time has passed, and unfortunately I just seem to remember the second... time with friends... people said they should have spent more time with friends and concentrated, been aware, of the quality of those moments.

 On my list  definitely number one would be children.
      Spending time with them, enjoying them... having your own! I have been blessed with two wonderful ones, Napoleon and Inda. A boy and a girl - who could ask for more! =D It is through them I have learnt to see the joy of life, the wonder of living in a new way. But what is more important, it is through them I have come to understand what love is all about. Hard to explain in words, actually impossible,but when you see in a child's eyes the joy of recognizing you, there is a moment there so bright, so pure, so amazingly colourful that nothing else in the world comes close to it.

                                                         My throne of plenty

With children everything comes from the heart.The joy, the laughter, when they run... in the moment of curiosity. Children have a way of taking you back there... to the core of existence... the wonder of life. It is just a matter of letting go, forgetting the serious fool you have become... and living the moment through their heart.

                                         love of life... through Napoleon.

A friend of mine asked me what  my favourite moment is when I am painting. Without a doubt... it would be the beginning. The canvas is blank, ready and waiting for you to mess it up. Attracting you to play, be free... wild. A child reaching out and shouting: come and have FUN with me!
 I like to leave starts for the weekend... somehow society has convinced me that THAT is when you are allowed to play and have fun - the week is for working!!!!!
                in a moment of mischief...
                       I begin a painting in the middle of the week! =D =D =D
    and it feels..
          like if I were a child, putting my hand into a jar full with colours....
                 and experimenting what happens when I press it against a white wall =D

There is only one artist for me who comes close to the wonder of being a child: PICASSO. The man really knew how to play!!!! i have sketched his work, I have painted it... carved it... stood in front of it in awe and wonder...
                                            and smiled!
   The vitality in his work and the way he beautifully transmits talent through play is amazing... a true master in how to approach life - and art.

                                         Playful talent - as captured by humble me! =D

The beauty of play and fun is its freedom. Pure sizzling energy exploding in laughter. THAT is to be alive, those are the moments you will take with you to the afterlife.

                                         I am alive with INDA.

Then the day comes to an end, and the child goes to sleep. Cuddled in bed... you can feel as you lovingly watch you child how play has been transported to another place - not too different, cause I sense dream and life are quite the same for children. Anything can happen, everything is new.

You look, and think...My children are the one thing I love more than myself.
      Love in the true sense of what love is, not expecting anything in return, simply feeling warmth and gratefulness for being able to be there and share. Hoping to be allowed to give. Wanting to make sure all is well. Taking part in the wonder of living. 

Children are the key to life.
    Forget yourself, forget serious, mature, experienced and well bred.
                                       And feel.
                                          Our children should know... they owe us nothing.
                                          It is we who are in debt for having had the pleasure
                                          to be with them =D <3


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