Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On Love

   The past years in my life have been full of turmoil and change... A dread full infection of my pancreas started the process... keeping me three months in the hospital bed, with 2 close calls from death and a lot of pondering on the meaning of life: why are we here, what is... eventually, important. I left Hospital 14kg under my ideal weight, a total skeletal version of my former me, with barely enough strength to slowly get myself to the loo when in need (and even that left me panting). To this followed divorce (after 20 years of marriage); A 20 day visit to the moon house ( to recover from a psychosis... probably the result of seeing my former tutor, mentor and friend Oiva kentta getting a stroke and becoming paralysed in half of his body); new love; new baby; and finally ... unemployment - despite 20 years of formidable teaching and fantastic feedback from most of my students.  CHAOS is definitely the word to describe this.
     ... some might venture to say mid-life crises...
                                            others might chose crossroads.
   One thing has been a constant through all of this... and that is LOVE. It is the love of friends, my ex, my children and my girlfriend that have kept me going. It is MY love for all above, and of life, and of art, that have given my heart its pulse; the strength to be positive despite the rocky road I have been walking on.
   My art has always revolved around the female... but love has definitely been a part of it to. Love is a mysterious thing... a mixture of strong contrasting tensions - totally in balance yet unseemingly so.
It can rock you, shock you, sooth you, bless you... and most certainly it can give you WILL.

   I have chosen this chapter to be about love cause I am hoping, in a near future, to start carving again - a true passion in my life. I love wood, the feeling of it. I love its warmth, its earthiness.I  Hope I will be given time for it, and i hope you will also enjoy the adventure with me. I leave you today, with a tip: 3 wonder full songs on the subject of love:
                           U2 - ordinary love
                          Samuli Putro - olet puolisoni nyt
                          Vesa- Matti Loiri - kaiken nähnyt


  1. u definitely should do more carving!

    1. Thank you... casita del sol... I´ll start sharppening my tools immediately =) =D <3 <3 <3