Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I believe it was Cezanne who said that a clear mind produces a clear picture, order. I am therefore starting this blog with what I believe he would describe as "Total Chaos". Thus, my mind must be a mess. But what to do when the mind has a story to tell. Not a simple, neat, well planned tale with a clear beggining and a happy end. My work is based on intuition, on feeling the moment, on seeing things, picking and choosing the ones that add content to the story (in this case maybe too many)... making others dissappear or become part of the underlayers. 
The girl on the lower left corner is asleep... her mind buisy with what has happened... and what might. How to find love, how to find happyness.
Above her, her "Self" tries to show her life is meant to be lived by being aware of the moment. Alive now...
Living in tomorrow... fearing what might come... believing gold will bring us sunshine... all imaginary hooks that keep us from living in the now...
as does living in the past.
   A Mes... I know. But then again, I believe Picasso once said.... the artist must be brave enough to jump into the stormy sea, trusting his tallent will bring him safetly back to shore. I decided to embark on this blogging adventure... totally unfamiliar with how it works, very much at a loss with how things happen. My brother David told me this summer... just start. take the first step... the rest will follow. And THAT is what I am doing.
   For the next three months I will share with you my chaos... one way or another... trusting we can all dive into its wonders and together come out alive.... hope you like :) <3


  1. great artwork!!!

  2. When I start my blog, I was coming in Finland to learn the traditional sculpture. It was a 5 month blog only. To give my travelling impression, carving and nothing more. The adventure is now 2 years old and I'm still busy on it every week!
    It's my art book, my personal diary and my opening world's gate.

    It's an incredible adventure to start a blog, a way to open to others and to let them come into his garden.
    As long i'm gonna be an artist, i'm gonna continue my blog. It's know one part of my art. As important as my sculpture, my painting and my writing.

    You will see!