Thursday, 21 August 2014


I watched on TV the other day  Charlie Sheen being roasted. I like the programme, sometimes finding it a bit too cruel but enjoying the idea that we must learn to laugh at ourselves.
   For some reason... we take everything too seriously.Starting with ourselves, our jobs, our life in general.Look at Buddha, a bit overweight, seemingly lazy, in the midst of what we believe to be life´s turbulence... always smiling!!!! Anyway... they were making fun of Sheen´s drug abuse, violence towards his former wives, sexual profanity...etc,etc and one roaster pointed out that he should beware... cause there once was a man who loved whores, drug addicts, beggars and other social misfits... and he was crucified.He was though, into non-violence... as opposed to Sheen. A joke on Christ!? - good lord, what a profanity!. Do I believe he would be upset? NO. I am quite sure that HE, if anyone, had a strong sense of humour and understanding of the importance of not taking things too seriously.
   Having been brought up in Spain I got used to the fact that among friends, specially close ones, one must learn to take jokes that make fun of your weaknesses... and you must learn to be quick and witty enough to be able to reply with an equally or more powerful critical joke. Guess the idea is, when properly played... everybody gets to have a laugh but if you pay attention you might learn about yourself and develop.
   We should learn to be tolerant, and we should learn the art of laughing. We should learn to forgive - most of all ourselves for what we believe to be our weaknesses.
   First it is with us... then it is with others. <3

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