Tuesday, 26 August 2014

You paint yourself (INTRODUCTION)

                                                      YOU PAINT YOURSELF:
 I have been looking at some old photo albums and I think there will be nice shots to uncover a bit who I really am...
                          there really is nothing you can´t do... if you set your mind to it.
 What stops us is FEAR. fear of failing, fear of making a fool of ourselves... fear of not belonging. I know, I have been afraid all my life... still am. And YET, look what I have accomplished =D Travels, adventure... six years lost in South America (but more found than ever), Teaching... family... children... exhibitions....you name it.
Me and my mother... we had a very close relationship =) She used to tell me how I was shy and afraid of everything as a baby... and how much effort she put into making me brave =D  ;)
So... I guess I at an early stage understood in a way, that life is like a theatre play... you put on different masks... encounter people who also are playing a role, and then make the best of it. Be a sport, make a good movie. =D Realising this helped me to start climbing the ladder of life.
(in Malaysia)... So I put little scared me behind and started doing things, which I will be presenting to you as I discover again, through the photo albums, my past.
(in Brazil)... I´ll tell you a bit about my travels...
(in Finland)... my art...
and my philosophy.
   A picture story of a little boy... who decided to climb out from the swimming pool one day and has not stopped climbing since =D  <3 <3 <3     ;)
                                                                  THE PLAY BEGIN

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