Saturday, 23 August 2014

Inspiration... horsewoman on red horse, Chagal, 1966

Many of you, my friends, might like to see how my mess evolves... where do the ideas come from, what is the process.... I myself.... believe this to be more important than the final result. So... every now and then I will be posting Inspiration pages...
   I believe it was the genius of creativity, Picasso... who said that you look, you think... and when you know what to do, you make a bold statement. I totally agree with him on this... I seldom paint not knowing what I am doing.
   Let me correct that... when I approach the canvass (in my case board - only because an expensive canvass makes me think I am going to make a master-piece.... and I don´t like that pressure... since I like to play and think I am sketching) I totally know what I am going to do.... I make my statement... and sometimes I get into a flow... where I start to do, knowingly.... but just grasping what comes along... like when you go to pick berries... you know what you are doing,,,, you pick one... and then your hand starts to go automatically to other berries....
  You get into a picking pace... until the moment comes when you have to take a break to see where you proceed.
I have chosen a Chagal painting to get me going... I believe his economy of colour palette and interesting yet simple design might bring clarity to my CHaos. I start by very roughly sketching in what I like the most. This helps me place my darks and lights at the beginning. As I start working I do something from the Chagal ( that would be like looking where you are going to pick berries)... but I also let my imagination create mikki-like... This will give me as my work proceeds the chance to work on my imagination... and if there is none... proceed with Chagal. At this point I have really no idea what it is I want to tell with the piece. There is no story yet.
Ok... had my fun for today =D Figures are starting to appear... and at this point all of them are dear to me.... even if I have not made a connection with why they are there! Since I am working with acrylic I have to let it dry... to see what the colour spectrum looks like (when wet they are brighter and lighter). Tomorrow morning, when I wake up... I will look at the piece with a fresh and a bit more distant feeling towards what I have created... I tend to think a more subjective way... and then I will start playing again. Right now... it seems Chagal has not been able to subdue my CHAOS.... =D =D =D        Hope you have a choice Sunday ;)


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