Saturday, 22 August 2015

What do I stand for?

                                                            "Questions are like people"
  Short but full of meaning.

For some reason we don´t like questions.

Bright minds have told us that one good question is worth more than a thousand answers... yet...
    this probably makes us afraid to ask - cause we think our question might be dumb.
    And we don´t like being questioned because we are afraid we will end up looking dumb - in front of all!

My SON, now living in Brazil, sent me the other day a whats-up with a great little thought by Arnaldo Jabor, about the village idiot. An old man considered dumb and slow by his fellow villagers. Used to go to the bar in the afternoons where the people gathered to talk about the day and... make fun of him! They had a game they enjoyed repeatedly playing with him.

They would show him two coins, a big one worth nothing (50 €?) and a small one worth quite some (2000€). To their amusement he would always pick the big one. As goes with every game at some point it got a bit boring and so they finally asked the old man: Why do you always pick the big one???? its worth is 40 time less than the small one!!!!!!! At which the old man replied: were I to pick the small one worth a fortune the game would be over in no time!
   So who was the fool in this story? Because of our being afraid to question things - to think for ourselves - we have a tendency to want to blend into a group and let others do the thinking (oftentimes no thinking, actually... ). We hide in groups and let the bodies around us push and shove and take us along their stream. Our gut might tell us we are wrong but we ignore it. We, as a mass, are moving forward (mostly backward). When the group gets big enough we don´t know anymore where the decisions come from or how to influence them... we just go along and pray everything will turn out right.

I say PRAY though now a days THAT is definitely out of fashion. Even though when things really DO get rough, I have a feeling most of US DO pray. I personally believe most people have stopped praying because they have been misguided and fooled into atheism =D

   Doubts have been raised... questions have been asked (quietly - to ourselves)
If God is all mighty and good - why does he condemn? why does he judge? why does he let his children die of hunger? He definitely does not sound like someone we might want to follow. Actually, he does not sound like someone we like at all. So, we find ourselves a group with the same line of pondering and... GOD becomes the old man in the story above. The FOOL.

                                                       Inda has decided if she wears a
                                                       helmet all the time she will soon
                                                       get a moped! =D =D =D

I did some thinking on this as I questioned myself the same things as above. Actually it was my Dad asking the questions. He (my Dad) presented himself as a non believer... but I always thought of him as spiritual. His biggest question derived from the story about God demanding Abraham to kill Isaac, and how the Angel stops him in the last minute telling him to proceed no more - he has proven his fear of GOD.

   Dad did not understand an all benevolent God Father asking a Father to kill his son.
   I did not understand why a benevolent God would want us to prove we fear him.

So I pondered and in my search came to one bit of truth that satisfied me. Faith. Faith is the key to all. It is something I believe everybody needs in order to want to move along. Faith motivates us, Faith supports us... Faith is energy. I am not talking about faith in God - but in something. I came to the conclusion that this energy might be LOVE.

When God became LOVE all pieces came together. It made sense to me that Jesus would be the son of love. It made sense to me that if in the valley of death (which I have named guilt) Love would be the one to pull me out. And it made sense to me that he who believes in Love will be saved (again - from himself, his guilty conscience.... since there is no wrath full discriminating GOD).

"Religion (as History, Biology and most other subjects we are being taught) encourages you to explore the thoughts of others and accept them as your own. SPIRITUALITY invites you to toss away the thoughts of others and come up with your own" N.D.W

What also made sense to me, was Jesus pointing out that we are ALL children of GOD. It feels a bit tough, because of our upbringing, to suddenly say: I am his child; therefor I AM GOD too!!!! =D
(But not half as tough is proclaiming: I AM LOVE!)

 "We are not afraid of who we are... but of what we have become!" (little may)
    "Give me back, whats mine"

For the longest time I thought we are here to learn a lesson, or many.... and thus develop into better beings. My truth now is, we are not here to learn... but to remember....
   recall what we actually know in our hearts
        which time, history and people in want of control made a mess of. 

It is time for us to clear our minds from what is being taught
                                  and ask questions.

    One of them being: "who is driving my car?"

" There is no constant truth at all; that truth, like life itself, is a changing thing, a growing thing, an evolving thing" (N.D.W)

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