Saturday, 29 August 2015

Guess Twice

                                                                     Guess Twice,
                                                      but never second guess your SELF!

That is the secret to success!
There is this story I like to tell, students and whoever is practising hard on something. I used to believe it had to do with technique, and the mastering of it. And it probably has to do with that too... but there is something deeper to it than had met my eye.

Some time ago - might be quite some, cause time flies and I have a very hard time keeping track with it; I used to be into the game of Squash. At the time there was a squash phenomenon ruling the courts of the world.... Khan I believe was his name, Jahangir Khan! He was interviewed once after SQUASH ing an opponent in the final. The interviewer whose land of origin was the same as the defeated player, said something like this: Wow, what a game... you were spectacular back there!!!!! BUT, you have to agree you had quite some luck today!

   At which Khan answered: - Yes, I sure had! and the more I practise the luckier I get!

I took him at his word - which is always a dangerous thing to do.
Words are devious. Words are abstract symbols that try to convey something and seldom come close to doing so. Because words, as symbols, depend on interpretation.... and therefore VERY much on the ability of the listener to do so.

I read some days ago an interesting thought, revolving around something the author called the BE - DO - HAVE paradigm. The concept being that we have interpreted it - and life, the wrong way round. Most of us seem to believe that one day we will HAVE... money, a lifestyle, etc
    which is when we will be able to DO things; travel, enjoy life, explore new hobbies.
       And then we will BE happy.
According to the author we should reverse this line of thinking - and I personally give him total credit for the insight and fully support his view.

Take the case I started today with, Mr Khan. I have no doubt he:
     1) Was (BE) a winner... and he knew it, believed it and
     2) acted upon it (DO).
             and so became the player of all times, had fortune, travelled and truly had (HAVE) anything he might desire (at least from the viewers point of view ;)

In other words, it all come down to FAITH.
   Faith in ourselves.

As I mentioned before, practise at what you do might and will probably improve your self-esteem. Good technique enables you to freely rely on instinct knowing you HAVE the moves. BUT, in order to be a winner you have to feel like one! The recipe has been proven time and time again on the courts... any court for that matter.

   Take for instance Finland and its habit of loosing against Sweden in hockey finals...This has happened too many times,and finally professionals have agreed the problem is "Koppan sisällä" (inside the head). For some, many... who knows? reasons the Swedish know they are winners... and Finns feel the opposite. So now we have a special group of coaches, psychologists and other experts working on players heads =D

I don´t think it is a bad idea, but I believe we should take it as example and start raising our kids with that line of thought. BE happy - Do what you love = Have a choice life - because you will be extremely lucky!

Now, my headline of today was to avoid second guessing yourself.
   It is NOT difficult to BE happy (or any other thing you wish to be!)
       - We can start off by telling ourselves how nice it is to be healthy... or to have another day... or any simple thing that in truth matters.
The difficult thing is to avoid second guessing.... because once feeling turns into WORDS... there is a big chance of misinterpretation.
   WAIT, am I really happy? arn´t there tons of bills to pay? Its a Very grey day outside... I hate the rain.....

   Second guessing is always there... waiting... hoping to get its chance of creating doubt
Its in our logic, its in the mouth of others... its everywhere.

Try telling someone you ARE a GREAT artist =D
    OR a marvellous dancer....

                                         I am a TIGER

                                         I am KLIMT

                                                      I am SCHIELE

                                         I am the SUN

                                         I am the Creator

                         or simply ...
                                                   I am HAPPY

Here is where practise can do the trick. I mean practise in trusting yourself, believing in yourself, and following feeling.

   Feel good... then practise it (do it).

Throwing rubbish into a waste bin is not difficult. Just know the rubbish is there before it is and it will be.
       Unless you second guess yourself =D  
                  (Believe me - I have tried!)

                                         I can ride this bike! =D

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