Friday, 14 August 2015

Conversations with GOD

                                         The most beautiful picture I have seen this year -
                                                       Thank you BUA

I am currently reading a book, "conversations with God" .... by Ian Walsh??????

    hmmmmmmm... no, probably not Ian, but that does not really matter cause God mentions  as I read the book that his conversation is actually for me, and with me!
                       - And I believe HIM.
   As a matter of fact, I think all of you should read it....
                                Not because I am sure it is God speaking (actually the author at some point questions God about this, "how can I know if it is you speaking or my imagination! And God answers "Does it matter?)
                           but because the book has a LOT to ponder about and many beautiful thoughts.
I found it truly uplifting and inspiring, and today I will bring up one of the subjects he writes about: Creating and Re-Creating.

We all know we create our own lives. We wake up in the morning and start choosing what to do. Actually THAT is the fun of living! Waking up, rested and full of energy... with a blank day ahead to create into whatever we want it to.
   IN theory.

Practically I would guess we spend most of our days / years / decades... re-creating. In other words, starting from where we left and doing the same thing all over again, in the same way, with the same results and emotions felt.

That sounds to me a bit like a Craftsman... working with what he knows, becoming Very good at repeating the moves, slowly and with time arriving to a point where he can work in AUTO. Which is in a way OK. But do we really want to go through LIFE in AUTO mode?????

When I woke up today I thought about this, and wondered if it meant I should not continue with the painting I started some days ago but start a new one. Hmmmmm I thought, that would mean I would never finish a painting....
     I thought about the book and remembered God saying that we all focus too much on results and forget to enjoy the journey.
                   OK. So I don´t need to finish!
 He also said to trust feeling more than words. I felt strongly that it did sound like fun starting everyday a new painting, yet finishing what you have started might be important in practice.

 I chose to continue with what I had started but tackle it from a new point of view!

      Hei! There might be something in that! I mean, in our lives it might be practically impossible to always do new things from morning till dusk. So the secret lies in approaching the experience with a new frame of mind, new ideas and new inspiration. Which is what I tried and immensely enjoyed my time of painting.

   It feels good to think (as I do every time I decide to open the book) - hmmmm... how about I take some time to talk with GOD now?????
    I mean, would´nt it be nice if we could do so every once in a while?

This I was thinking today... as I washed my brushes, fullfilled with what I had accomplished. And then an afterthought struck me....
       might it not be MORE important to focus on just listening to what he has to say???? - instead of talking I mean =D

                                        As I opened the book I came upon some CHOICE words:

          Feeling good is your way of telling yourself  that your last thought was Truth,
                            that your last word was Wisdom
                                             that your last action was
                                                         L O V E <3

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