Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fat Charlie the Archangel


This time I am inspired by a blog one of my friends wrote... whilst in France inspired by a sculpture depicting love in the shape of an angel, and the soul as a butterfly with fragile wings. In his story he tells about a conversation he overhears between the two... and later, his opinion on the subject when asked what he thinks as a human about what they have been discussing.

    the Butterfly is seduced by the playful angel (as the soul is by love)... but from experience it knows about the danger there is in committing to a game where your heart can be torn and broken - hence its fragility.

 There is this song I love ,"fat Charlie the Archangel"... by Paul Simon, with lyrics that start like this:

                             FAT CHARLIE the archangel
 sloped into the room.... saying I have no opinion about this...
                                                    and I have no opinion about that...
        ...  I don´t want no part of this crazy love.... I don´t want no part of your love....

so he files for divorce.
    But he is left with a big problem.... there is still all that weight to be lost!

                                          I can vividly picture him sloping into the room....

                         and I soooooo love the idea of him representing love... and torn by the thought that he has no opinion about anything... filing for divorce as he worries about his extra kilos. =D His name, too, is much to my liking... Charlie...!!!!! a common, everyday ordinary solid and sympathetic name.
Charlie is one of us... Charlie is me... Charlie is YOU.....

   I always wonder as I see him swooning in the air... is it so bad that he is a bit overweight???? and why is he????
     I mean, it could be a metaphor for plenty... he is full of love after all.
Is it Charlie really who is worried about his extra kilos... or society that makes him think so?

I think he says he has no saying in anything because he feels troubled with the powers that have been granted him...
     like, hey,,,, I signed up to deliver something that is wonderful... and nobody REALLy understands it!!!!!

   ANYWAY... back to the original story.
          As I read the text I immediately felt I strongly disagreed with the fact of the soul being a FRAGILE butterfly > stressing the fragile... that is.
   Because for me, soul and love are one and the same > hence their attraction to each other. And I believe they are both really strong and powerful. I do like the soul depicted as a butterfly, smaller than the angel... because is is only a small part of love (itself)... the rest being all the other souls sloping around the universe.
                                                    (many ways for these fluttering souls,
                                                    all leading to the same place)
    I think the reason why the soul might be mistaken for something fragile is that we tend to confuse it with the EGO....
      a self preservation mechanism that makes us wary of getting hurt, change .... risk....
          a mechanism that concentrates purely on benefit and itself > basically, what makes one butterfly different from another =D
    a mechanism that uses fear to control.

In the blog the butterfly tells AMOR that it has not lost faith, and knows the right one is out there... and asks is it now, this time. I believe that is a question many of us have asked ourselves... and I feel it is a WRONG question > despite being a teacher and loving all kinds of questions.
    The problem with the question is we tend to imagine there is ONE  REAL love, the right one...
and only one.

Charlie is FAT... full of plenty.... a bit of it in every soul. And the ONLY way to learn about Charlie is to know that. Every LOVE we find along the way... is the RIGHT one for THAT moment. In the words of Khalil Gibran... accept what comes to you, enjoy and understand it... and then let go!

   which is usually the hard part... to let go.... because Ego scares us to believe we are alone, we have been dumped... we are worthless... we should not have taken the risk.

this being said, in questions of love, I believe the butterfly would not ask if it is the right one to Charlie... cause he is always right, and there to make us grow and become fulfilled.

    I think or mission in Life is to become less egoistical,
                                                           and care for others....

  when scared we are but a butterfly in its cocoon....
        when open to love we have wings.... to fly from one flower to another. Each in its own time, each with its own flavour and teachings... some needing more time than others.... all following the rule enjoy the moment while it lasts ....
                                  and don´t be afraid to enjoy it fully.

I believe when Jesus sacrificed himself he was just trying to show us that we HAVE to get rid of EGO, to be open for love.

                                                     (el monte de los olivos)

   In my life, probably the most beautiful act of Love I have been aware of, or that comes to mind now... was when my wife, companion for 20 years (society wants me to call her EX though she will definitely NEVER be that)... accepted becoming GODMOTHER to INDA... my new star created in a new Love relationship.

                                                                  Now THAT is one strong,
                             and amazing BUTTERFLY!

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