Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Introvert vs extrovert

                                                      I, am an introvert by nature...

     but was shaped into a "fake" extrovert so that I could FIT into society.
This, of course means, that I am social, good with people and seemingly relaxed and joyful amongst the crowds.
    But I can assure you, it is VERY tyring.
I mean, to try and be someone that you are not.

I think I owe it to my mother... since I have read things she wrote about me being so shy and reclusive, and her working hard on making me social and outward. I believe she did a good job of it, cause I am actually a VERY advanced form of extrovert. Having been given the blessing of being tolerant and genuinely open-minded, I can easily fit and mingle with all sorts of crowds.

                                         Here with Paula Risikko, minister of transport and
                                          municipality affairs

                                        Here a market flea.
                                         And here learning from Mom the talent of being social
                                        and candid in a natural way.

Our society is built around social people - hence the name, I guess. Amiable, sympathetic, good to get along with, easy to talk to. Meet an extrovert and what stays in your mind is "hey, what a nice fellow!". Which is ok, I mean, i don´t have anything against that - and do like being around positive people. HOWEVER... what I am against is the placing of all our energy on extroverted people.

   And the fact that we place so much value on outward appearances - and forget that all that shines is not gold!
   In a way I believe that introverts could really be the solution for our future! We can see where it has taken us to follow extroverts - a much too fast paced way of life, with tons of who-ha... colourful adds, cheerful marketing, loud fanfares all over the place, constant chatting..... and even the extroverts becoming exhausted and in need of "Time Out".

Introverts are a bit harder to reach - I agree.... withdrawn into their own world - they seem distant and unreachable. However - just because of this, they have a much richer inner life, they oftentimes think much more - thus energising their brains and logic.... they are very aware of whats happening around them and.... have tons to offer. They have quality!

                                         Some birds don´t belong to the flock.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the word "belongs to the flock" is simply wrong.
As a parent I have to agree I am happy when I see my little Inda outgoing and playful with others - I mean, what parent wouldn´t.

                                          But this is just because I know we all give so much
                                          priority to "Belongers to the group" + the fact

that interaction and so forth is, without question important for good development.

However.... I would like Inda to learn and see underneath the surface.

                                                 The things that REALLY matter....

And hope for a future where tolerance is extended to those who don´t belong to the group.

                                         The different, the quiet, the ones that society at this point
feels are difficult and time consuming > just because they are not easily molded.

As a teacher I know how much nicer a sympathetic easy group is to lead. And I admit at first, when I started teaching, I did not like the ones that disagreed, where distant and hard to reach. But I have to say, there is no real challenge in teaching "good pupils"....
       The most gratifying experience comes when you have reached the "difficult". =D

Having said this, IF my mother was able to teach me to be social... it must be possible. And IF we could teach the social ones to be tolerant - and maybe a bit more introverted... we could have these two groups meet halfway.

                                         Intro and extro     TOGETHER

Real treasures are hard to find.They probably do lie at the end of the rainbow...

                                                      but believe me, IF you get a whats-up message saying you have won the lottery - despite you never playing....

                                                          DON`T open it! <3 <3 <3


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